Mutton Curry Cut-500gm

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A generic β€œcurry cut” is good enough for most of our home-attempted qormas or stews. This is a mix of pieces with or without bone.
One of the choicest products offered by Raw meat provided mutton curry cuts are the juiciest, most succulent parts- chest, shoulders and forelimbs.
Which is lean but nutritious, farm fresh and packaged to perfection. Choose our lean, tender, easy-to-cook cuts to get more protein and nutrients.
We bring you the choicest bite-sized pieces of premium goat meat on the bone from the ribs, leg and shoulder. It is extremely well suited for a variety of dishes like luscious, delectable biryani, ,classic Indian curry soulful stews, juicy and tender pan-fried and pan-roasted kebabs.

3 reviews for Mutton Curry Cut-500gm

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    Delivery on time..

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  3. Dhan Thapa

    I’m satisfied with ur service quality of mutton curry was good and hygiene.

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