The popular meat delivery website is finally here in Greater Noida and is making homemakers and cook’s lives much simpler.

RawMeat is an online shopping platform with the sole mission to provide best quality certified meat with great deal. For those who are hardcore carnivores, do peruse through their combo section to get a good deal on meats and seafood.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way of buying meat by embracing innovative and greener alternatives to traditional shopping.
Our cutting edge technology delivery model and aggressive efforts in setting up more modern and practical ways of quality meat processing with safe environment and supply chain management which benefits the meat industry and the end-consumer.

It’s a well known fact that the meat bought from butcher shops is sold in an unhygienic manner and the products are not fresh and lack quality. The meat sold at traditional butcher shops is openly displayed and is also vulnerable to pollutants and insects or flies. In the traditional meat selling market, there is no standardisation of price, quality and freshness..

We do understand the pain of buying meat and compromising with quality and convenience.

To address all known concerns we are following excellent packaging standards to ensure that the products’ shelf life increases by leaps and bounds. We have established a standard hygienic transport facility with hygienically maintained closed containers, which further helps in transporting meat for dressing and selling for consumption.

Buying any piece of meat from RawMeat Is not just an experience; it’s experiencing the bond and sharing happy emotions.
What makes us stand out is we offer everything you’d need at a click of a button. From chicken, lamb/goat, seafood, ready to cook (read pre-marinated), cold cuts and eggs too and combo offers at tempting prices.
We also have daily offers enabled for our valuable customers!!so don’t miss out.

On demand , we do sell custom cut, marinated and ready-to-cook meat products which is boon for people sitting at home and wanting to enjoy a non-vegetarian meal without the hassle of cutting and cleaning.

Once you buy, you’ll never have to visit a meat market ever again