Mutton Handi-North Indian Favorite Dish

A royal mutton curry which is very popular in the north india.This is traditionally made in a special clay pot which is called mutton Handi,That’s why the name.But this can be made in our usual pan too.

The whole cooking for this dish is done in one pot or Handi.For this preparation I would highly recommend you to slow cook in the usual pan instead of pressure cooking.Although this method takes a long time to cook the meat,the resultant flavor and texture of the meat will turn out to be amazing.And if you cook this in a clay pot,it will taste even better.

Actually you don’t have to feel intimidated by seeing the total time it requires to cook mutton this way .The majority of the preparation work will be over within half an hour.Then all you have to do it simmer the mutton on very low heat for an hour or so till the gravy reduces,pouring in more stock or water as needed till the mutton turns almost “falling off the bones”tender.


. 500 gm

# For marination

. 3tbsp yoghurt 

.2 tsp spicy red chilli flakes or chilli powder 

.1/4 tsp turmeric powder 

.2 tsp coriander 

.Salt to taste

# For the masala

. 1 large onion chopped

. 6 garlic cloves,minced or paste 

. 1 inch ginger,minced or paste 

.1 tsp garam masala powder 

. 1tsp coriander powder

. 2 cardmom pods

. 2 cloves

. 1 tbsp tomato paste

. 2 tomatoes pureed

. 2 cups chicken stock/mutton stock / water

. salt to taste

. a pinch of sugar

. coriander leaves chopped

. 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil or ghee.


. You can reduce the cooking time by marinating the mutton overnight.

. This dish would taste its best when cooked on low heat in a pan rather than pressure cooking it.



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